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Lessons at Bulby

Riders of all abilities and ages are welcome at Bulby. Lessons run during the week and at weekends from morning through to the evening. Booking online allows clients to choose their preferred type of lesson, check the calendar for availability and select and pay for their ride.


If you cannot find something that suits, please do message or call the yard to speak to a member of the team.

Information on the different types of lessons available is provided on the prices page.


BHS Training

Led by BHS Stage 5 Coach, top FEI dressage judge and 2018 Pony Club Coach of the year Linda Pearce, and Pony Club AH and BHS Stage 3 qualified Instructor Jade Cobb, the training for BHS stages is strong with staff and clients achieving regular successes.

Veterinary students are welcome to train to aid veterinary school selection, enhancing experience and qualifications to stand them in good stead in their future careers. We have one veterinary student who has gained her BHS Stage 2 and her lunge test, having started as a volunteer and then progressing to become a member of staff before joining university. 

Horse Owners' 

Those aspiring to own a horse are welcome to train at Bulby to prepare by theory and practical training in care and riding so that they are ready to take the next step. Established horse owners are also welcome for lessons on their own horses.

Adult Training

Popular with adults, our week day BHS training offered by Linda Pearce and Jade Cobb offers stable management sessions and rider training, allowing clients to progress toward their Progressive Rider Tests and BHS qualifications.

Adult Hack

For those with a more relaxed approach and a desire to hack out we have a range of hack routes from 45 minutes to 2 hours on quiet roads and routes which stretch through woodland. To request a hack please send us a message via the contacts page.


For those who want to stop at our local hostelry, the Griffin Inn, we are happy to tailor the ride to include a break for drinks and a snack. 


All hacks off the lead rein require new clients to have a short assessment in the arena for an additional fee of £15 per person.

Child Hack

Hacks for children range from 15 minute sit ons for ages 4 and under up to 2 hour hacks for competent riders who can walk, trot and canter independently (off the lead rein and without a runner). Lead rein hacks can be booked on line otherwise to request a hack please send us a message via the contacts page.


45 minute splash and backs to the ford and Badgers Wood hacks are a popular way to explore outside of the arena either on or off the lead rein.


All hacks off the lead rein require new clients to have a short assessment in the arena for an additional fee of £16 per person.

Disabled Riding

We have a range of disabled riders (both adult and children) who enjoy riding at Bulby. We do our best to make all clients welcome at the yard and tailor what we provide to meet their needs.


We have quiet country roads and acres of beautiful grassy farmland and woodland with a huge amount of wildlife to enjoy. 


Please contact us to discuss your needs.  

What to wear

  • Riding hat - we have hats for hire. Hat hire can be booked online.

  • Hats must meet BHS safety standards, see BHS link

  • Vouchers for a 15% discount for hat purchases from Chandlers at Barnack and Belton are available. Please ask a member of staff for a voucher if you decide to purchase your own riding hat. 

  • Hair is to be tied back with band or scrunchie or rolled into a bun with a hair net. 

  • Foot wear - smooth soled shoes or boots with 1/4 " heel are required. Cleated soles are dangerous. Wellies and baggy boots are not good for control. Trainers risk the foot slipping forwards through the stirrup.In this situation we provide stirrups which have 'DAPS' to stop the foot slipping forward and through the stirrup. Riding boots, if we have the right size for the rider,  can be borrowed from the yard free of charge.

  • Close fitting trousers - preferably without an inside seam. Leggings/joggers are ok for beginners.

  • Close fitting long sleeved tops - avoid baggy clothing and hoodies to reduce the risk of getting caught up on tack e.g. buckles.

  • Jewellery - please avoid. If wearing rings, please wear gloves.

  • Gloves - close fitting. Optional but for comfort, especially in cold weather.

  • Waterproof clothing - we love our British weather but it is unpredictable! 

  • Please avoid wearing underwired bras - wires can cause severe injury.  

  • Body Protector - for jumping and hacking, we advise clients to wear a body protector. We are able to lend these to clients for jumpiing lessons or hacks. For examination assessments, clients need their own body protector which must meet current safety standards, see BHS link.

What to do when
you get to the yard

  • Cars may be parked in the car park area, at the car owner's risk. 

  • Bring your registration form with you if it has not already been completed and sent back to us via the website contact page or via but our  preference is to have work or pdf document emailed back to us, Failing that please complete a form upon arrival. 

  • Arrive ten to fifteen minutes before your lesson to prepare for the lesson so that you are ready to mount five minutes before your lesson

  • Attend the office area if you are hiring a hat to fit it. If boots or body protectors are to be borrowed attend in good time to avoid wasting lesson time on the pony.  

  • When ready stand near the mounting block are to wait for your mount. 

  • If no-one is attending to you please ring the bell which is located by the mounting block. 

  • If a parent or guardian is unable to stay for a child's lesson (defined as under eighteen) a member of staff must be notified and contact details confirmed. 

Yard Rules

  • Riders and their parents/guardians/supporters may not go onto the yard without specific permission of a member of staff. This is a bio-security and safey requirement. 

  • Children must have constant supervision from adults unless agreed with staff. 

  • Dogs must be kept on leads and under control at all times. Any dog mess should be cleaned up p and taken home. 

  • For health and safety reasons, it is recommended that clients have up to date tetanus immunisations. 

  • Do not feed tit bits to horses or ponies

  • Parents/guardians/supporters are welcome to watch their child's lesson in arena, and viewing can be done using the bench on the north side of the arena or using the viewing box at the west end of the arena.

  • Clients should avoid frightening horses.

  • Do not walk around or inside the bank of the arena.

  • Do not put up umbrellas near to arena to avoid spooking mounts and causing a fall.

  • Do not use flash photography to take photographs. 

  • Do not take photographs of children who are not your own without permission from their parent or guardian.  

  • Riders should comply with any request made by an instructor, and spectators must respect the decision of staff members. 

  • Clients are not permitted in the stables except when supervised for Saddle Club, Feildfare Club and Owls Club

  • Cars are parked at the owners' risk. 

  • With less than 48 hrs notice of cancellation lesson fees are forfeit and lessons will not be resheduled unless another client books the vacated slot. 

  • For lessons cancelled with more than 48hrs notice rescheduling is free of charge but a refund request incurs a cancellation fee which needs to be paid by BACS before the refund is initiated. 

Weights and Pony. Selection

  • We are keen to that riders develop by riding horses and ponies which can carry the riders weight. 

  • We endeavour with the help of registration information and lesson feed back from instructors to select ponies which are suitable for the rider's skill level. 

  • Allocation of horses is focused around safety of the rider and the welfare of the horses. 

  • Riders are requested by staff to use the weighing scales at the yard which indicate which horses can comfortably carry them. The scales do not show the riders weight, they only the range of horses which are eligible mounts for the rider. 

  • Within the constraints of safety and welfare parameters and if pony/horse allocation patterns allow, clients can request a specific horse or pony for an additional fee of £10 for the lesson to secure that mount. This horse/pony selection fee, as with lesson fees, needs to be paid in advance. 

  • Our current weight limit is 13.5 stone on a forward going cob, and our weight for a novice rider is 12.5 stone. 

Risk of riding

  • Riding is a risk sport. Your choice to ride is voluntary. We take care to provide suitable and safe horses and ponies for our clients but all animals can be unpredictable.  We strongly advise clients to take out full personal accident cover. 

  • You must complete and sign or complete and email the Rider Registration Form before you ride with us. You must bring to our attention, via the website booking system message function, any change in your health status that may affect your riding and attendant risks. 

  • All riders under the age of four must be accompanied by an adult who is physically able to assist the child as may be required. In a family lesson it may be agreed that the instructor will walk beside the child riding that is under the age of four, with the family accepting that this may impair the supervision and instruction that can be proveded to other family members. 

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