Saddle Club

Saddle club is fun, interactive way for young riders to learn about stable management, yard activities and how to look after a pony. Members attend on Saturdays and/or Sundays and during the school holidays.

Children get to join in with grooming, tacking up, leading (Senior Saddle Club only), sweeping, feeding (but not making up feeds), watering, rug changing, turning out, tying ponies up, tack cleaning, assisting customers and supporting and encouraging each other. We encourage Saddle Club members to join the Pony Club (PC) for enjoyable training goals.


Fees payable for attendance on Saturdays and Sundays are £7 PC or £10 for non PC clients  per session.  Saddle Club members are expected to be on the yard at the week-end  by 08.30 am, unless a later start is agreed by the yard manager.  During the holidays for senior Saddle Club a fee of £10 per day is payable and the day runs from 9am to 4pm.  


You will need to provide your child with a pack-lunch and ensure they have suitable clothing, depending on the weather. It is not necessary for children to have their own riding apparel, as we can provide riding hats and footwear.

Parents should read the risk assessment sheets at the yard and the yard rules.  Our aim is to make the environment safe and enjoyable and we depend upon the children being able to understand and to be willing to keep yard rules.

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