Saddle Club
& Chrysalis



Saddle Club can be booked online.  Four spaces for all day, two spaces  each for morning and afternoon.  Children must be age 10+ years old, 


Saddle Club is fun, an interactive way for young riders to learn about stable management, yard activities and how to look after a pony. Members attend on Saturdays and/or Sundays and during the school holidays.

Children get to join in with grooming, tacking up, leading, sweeping, feeding (but not making up feeds), watering, rug changing, turning out, tying ponies up, tack cleaning, assisting customers and supporting and encouraging each other. We encourage Saddle Club members to join the Pony Club (PC) for enjoyable training goals.


Fees payable for attendance on Saturdays and Sundays £10 per session, or £7 for  a half day session morning or afternoon, The sessions are 08.30 - 5.30 pm for all day, and 08.30 - 1pm for morning and 1-5.30pm for afternoons. Saddle Clubbers  who are members of the Pony Club are awarded bonus stars. The star system runs for all the Saddle Clubbers and allows them to earn stars which they can use for saddle club kit (uniform) , towards lessons and training and towards outing days. 


Saddle Clubbers are expected to look smart and presentable in Pony Club Kit or Saddle Club uniform (when they have gained enough stars to acquire it). The Saddle Club uniform lets clients know that they are an established part of the Bulby Team who have earned their 'colours' and so will be able to help them.


During the holidays for senior Saddle Club a fee of £10 per day is payable and the day runs from 8.30am to 5.30 pm, or £7 is payable for the 8.30-1pm and the !-5.30pm split days. 


You will need to provide your child with a pack-lunch and ensure they have suitable clothing, depending on the weather. It is not necessary for children to have their own riding apparel, as we can provide riding hats and footwear. Hat hire is £2 per session.

Parents should read the risk assessment sheets at the yard and the yard rules.  Our aim is to make the environment safe and enjoyable and we depend upon the children being able to understand and to be willing to keep yard rules.


Chrysalis club can be booked online. Children must be age 8+ years old. 


This is an opportunity for eight and nine year olds who have done Pony Club Badge Nights, or older children who are new to yard work and caring for horses, to build and develop practical skills and understanding on the yard before they start Saddle Club proper.  Children may attend for two hours the Saturday afternoon early session 1.15 to 3.15 or Saturday afternoon late session 3.15-5.15pm. The Chrysalis Saddle Club is run by Izzy who once managed the yard and built up Pony Club membership to forty plus and many of the staff at the yard were children under Izzy's care. She is nursery training and knowledgeable about horses. Izzy is the perfect person to run the Chrysalis Club.


Places can be booked online and children age 8+ years of age can attend.  Chrysalis Club runs all year round and clients are able to book as many or as few slots as they wish, subject to availability. There is more intense supervision and the opportunity to earn Pony Club Badges. It brings the fun of Pony Club Badge nights to the week-end.