Covid-19 Bulby Stables Policy

In response to Government Guidance issued on 24th February and interpretation by the BHS on 25th February:-  


Lessons are in full swing.   The booking system is now open.


The best method of contacting us is via the webchat by clicking on the 'contact' tab on the home page of the website. We can pick up messages remotely and act more quickly. Of course on the day the telephone is very useful as are texts but these cannot be picked up remotely out of hours. 



Week-end Saddle Club for up to six children age ten and over has resumed with activity based outside. The children who will get the most out of the hands on experience will be those who have achieved their Pony Club D+ test or above. Bookings can be made online from 3.7.21, in the mean time please webchat i.e. contact us via the website or facebook message us from the Bulby Equestrian Centre Site. 


For children who are interested in Saddle Club but who need to develop knowledge, practical skill and experience we are encouraging children to join the Pony Club.  To see the events calendar and timings for Pony Club Badge nights hover over the 'What's on' button to access more information or look out on the Bulby Equestrian Centre Facebook page for information on events. 


This is for children age 8 and 9 who have been in the Pony Club attending badge nights and gaining badges and is good preparation for when they become Saddle Clubbers. Older children can attend who have not done any Pony Club Badge Nights and it is a good means of preparing and getting clued up for Saddle Club. We encourage all to join the Pony Club to focus training and marking achievements with the badges and Pony Club Efficiency Tests. There are two sessions of Chrysalis club on Saturday. 1.15-3.15pm and3.15-5.15pm. 


Timings are 5.30 - 7pm Monday to Thursday, with an additional 4-5.30 pm session on Thursdays. The cost is £60 for a block of six sessions run during term time.  Places have been increased to eight following easing of Covid restrictions on 17th May 2021 so there are now two additional spaces for each session. Please contact us via the website webchat by clicking on the contact tab. .

Please can current participants of the Badge Nights contact us to advise if they wish to continue into the next school term's block of six sessions. The first Monday session was 7th June and the sessions will continue for a total of six weeks. The new session will start in September with the start of the new school year. 


The Pony Club Efficiency Test training sessions usually run during term time with the Tests held during the school holidays. The sessions are limited to six children per session and the course needs to be paid for in advance by BACS.



Children (age up to 25 years) can join the UK Pony Club and be eligible to gain badges and progress through Pony Club Efficiency Tests. To join go to and click the 'join us' tab, scroll down to Centre Membership, click and scroll to the bottom and follow instructions


Once the a member of the Pony Club then look online on for excellent training videos and resources for training.  



When we have a group ready to proceed after build up of skills at the badge nights we will arrange training. Usually progression from one test to another is at eighteen to twenty four month intervals. The Pony Club website gives information on recommended ages for each level.  



Leasing of ponies and horses continues. It is a great way to increase skills and awareness and a relationship with a pony or horse. It is a fantastic stress buster spending time caring for your pony or horse  Increased time in the saddle improves balance and strength and riding in general.


Please contact Jess in person or via the webchat by clicking the contact button on the home page  if you are interested in leasing a pony on working livery at the yard.   


For activities not bookable by the online booking system e.g. Pony Club Badge Nights and hacks,  they can be booked manually on the system with the help of the yard staff. Pease contact us by the website webchat messaging system or by the Bulby facebook message route or via


Fees can be paid by BACS to the Bulby Hall Livery Stables Account please pay when you make the booking:

Sort Code: 40 - 12 - 32

Account Number: 61201786


We request that new clients download and complete a registration document. To download please looks for the word icon on the prices page or click on the Word Doc icon below.  Otherwise please register an email address on the website or with staff at the yard so that a Rider Registration form can be sent for completion before the first lesson. The form can then be brought to the first lesson to minimise time in the yard office to reduce risk to staff and clients. 


Riding and lessons take place outdoors so there is minimal risk to staff and clients. All staff and clients are required to stay alert, manage social distancing and be respectful of space. Please wear masks when entering the office area. Please observe hand sanitation precautions by washing hands in the toile tin the cabin.