Covid-19 Bulby Stables Policy

 In response to Government Guidance, early evening of 4th January 21, putting the country into lockdown and pending more information from the BHS  and the Pony Club we have read and infer that

we are unable to continue to offer recreational lessons from midnight 4.1.21 except for disabled clients. ​

Please can clients contact us to advise if they wish to have a refund. For those willing to reschedule when lessons can resume we are grateful because if means we do not have the net loss of the slice the booking system takes for each booking. For those who wish to have a refund rather than reschedule we will return their fee via the booking system or via BACs if the fee was paid that way. We will need clients to message us with their BACS details if their payments were made by BACs. 

We have blocked all bookings going forward until we can resume lessons. This will also leave us space to reschedule clients to give them priority when guidance is received about resumption of lessons.


Disabled clients can have bookings made manually by the staff. See 

Sports and physical activity

Indoor gyms and sports facilities will remain closed. Outdoor sports courts, outdoor gyms, golf courses, outdoor swimming pools, archery/driving/shooting ranges and riding centres must also close. Organised outdoor sport for disabled people is allowed to continue.

If you (or a person in your care) have a health condition that routinely requires you to leave home to maintain your health - including if that involves travel beyond your local area or exercising several times a day - then you can do so.

The care of horses, including exercise, can continue in Tier 4. Those leasing horses can use their daily exercise option to ride their horses so those who lease horse can continue to ride.

Saddle Club is suspended.   

Recently planned Pony Club Badge nights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and  Thursdays are now suspended but...


.....we are trying to find and IT solution to make it possible to continue through Zoom or Microsoft Teams. ThePony Club Badge/Saddle Club training night was due to commence on Tuesdays for age 10+. Timings were to be 5.30 - 7pm, cost will be £60 for a block of six sessions run during term time, places will be limited to six. Ad hoc attendance if there is space would have  beee £15 per session but we were fully booked bar two places within three days. 

Exercise outdoors is permitted for those who own or care for horses so for clients who have leased horses they will be permitted to attend to care for them and to take exercise riding them.  

For activities not bookable by the online booking system, booked manually on the system with the help fo the yard staff, fees can be paid by BACS to the Bulby Hall Livery Stables Account at the time of booking:

Sort Code: 40 - 12 - 32

Account Number: 61201786

Registration forms.         

We request that new clients download and complete a registration document, to download please click on the word icon ->     . Otherwise please register an email address on the website or with staff at the yard so that a Rider Registration form can be sent for completion before the first lesson. The form can then be brought to the first lesson to minimise time in the yard office to reduce risk to staff and clients. 

Riding and lessons take place outdoors so there is minimal risk to staff and clients. All staff and clients are required to stay alert, manage social distancing and be respectful of space. Please wear masks when entering the office area.


Tots Tuesdays remain on hold until further notice.

For children who are interested in Saddle Club but who need to develop knowledge, practical skill and experience we are encouraging children to join the Pony Club.  To see the events calendar hover over the 'What's on' button to access more information.


The Efficiency Test training sessions usually run during term time with the Tests held during the school holidays. The sessions are limited to six children per session and the course needs to be paid for in advice by BACS. If you are a member of the Pony Club then look online on for excellent training videos and resources for training.  

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