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      Important information


BHS Silver Challenge Award training is now set up for leasing parents and is happening on Thursdays during term time each session is an hour long. As a closed group it is not visible to book online


With enough demand additional sessions Silver Challenge Care sessions can be set up with the plan as follows:-

Four places in total.  

Eight 1.5 hour sessions training with BHSI, Linda Pearce. 

Candidates age 18+ should be established in their riding and have had experience caring for horses so that the eight elements of the Silver Challenge can be completed in a timely fashion, to gain the award and pave the way to a follow on for BHS Stage Training in Complete Horsemanship. 

Cost £420 

Please email the yard via the website or via to express interest. 



The best method of contacting us is via the webchat by clicking on the 'contact' tab on the home page of the website. We can pick up messages remotely and act more quickly. Of course on the day the telephone is very useful as are texts but these cannot be picked up remotely out of hours and on the day staff may be busy working on the yard caring for horses and prepping lessons. 


Should you wish to make a formal complaint, please click the contact us tab on the home page of the website and  complete our online form or message us via The proprietor will investigate your complaint and review any evidence and documentation supplied. Sometimes this means that information may need to be shared with third parties, such as Coaches, Assessors, Centres, Awarding Organisation or Clubs. Where additional evidence or documentation is required, we will discuss this with you directly. Our response will include the following:

  • What we did to investigate the complaint

  • Conclusions from the investigation

  • The outcome or decision

  • Where appropriate, what has been done as a result to change or improve

We aim for an outcome to be reached within 20 working days of receiving the complaint. However, depending on the nature of the complaint, it may take longer for us to make sure the outcome is fair and thoroughly considered. You’ll be provided with a regular progress report detailing anticipated timescales.


Please message us via the website email to discuss one on one Pony Club Badge Training and training for progressive and efficiency tests. 


Gift cards can be bought on line and used by recipients online to pay or part pay for lessons and activities. Click on the 'More' tab at the top of the home page. 



We work towards developing an independent seat, good balance, the ability to create energy with a good canter as preparation for jumping lessons. The rider needs to be secure in walk, trot and canter (WTC) and be able to shorten and extend the canter. This takes time with regular flat lessons and flatwork is an important first part of every jump lesson. It is possible now to book group jump lessons on line. Please check with your instructor if you are ready for jump lessons. We have set up two types of group jump lesson for those who are ready to progress to jumping with

  • PC D+ Test  level riders working on small single jumps - the Early Jumping Group

  • PC C  Test level riders working on jumping a small series - the Intermediate Jumping Group

During privates lessons our guidance is

  • early pole work my be done in private lessons at the discretion of the instructor

  • we do not routinely offer private jump lessons.

  • for horse welfare reasons we closely monitor the work of the horses and ponies to minimise stress and the risk of over working them



Week-end Saddle Club is for children age ten and over. The children who will get the most out of the hands on experience will be those who have achieved their Pony Club D+ test or above. Bookings can be made online. 

There are now some sessions during the week. Please check the book online options.


For children who are interested in Saddle Club but who need to develop knowledge, practical skill and experience we are encouraging children to join the Pony Club.  To see the events calendar and timings for Pony Club Badge nights hover over the 'What's on' button to access more information or look out on the Bulby Equestrian Centre Facebook page for information on events. 


This has evolved from Chrysalis Saddle Club is for children age 8 and 9 who have been in the Pony Club attending badge nights and gaining badges and is good preparation for when they become Saddle Clubbers. Older children can attend who have not done any Pony Club Badge Nights and it is a good means of preparing and getting clued up for Saddle Club. We encourage all to join the Pony Club to focus training and marking achievements with the badges and Pony Club Efficiency Tests.

There is one session of Chrysalis Saddle Club Pony Club Special on Saturdays, 1- 3pm and  the numbers  have been increased to six and the children will focus on gaining skills to achieve Pony Club Badges under the supervision of experienced Pony Club accredited coach Alex (BHSII) supported by  Maisie.


This is a daytime opportunity for adults, age18 plus who would like to gain practical hands on experience and those wanting to return to their beloved world of horses. Availability is found by clicking the Fieldfare tab on the book online list and checking he calendar for availability.   Places can be booked online. Contact us via the contacts page if you cannot find what you are looking for. We may be able to help. 


This is an late afternoon/evening opportunity during week day evenings to gain experience helping with jobs on the yard, mainly aimed at adults wanting to return to the smell of horses and leather and the outdoor life.  We do occasionally accept older children age 14 plus who want to help on the yard.  



Timings are 5.30 - 7pm Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, with an additional 4-5.30 pm session on Mondays and Thursdays for the minis age 5-7. The cost is £66 for a block of six sessions run during term time.  

There is a week-end Saddle Clubbers Pony Club Badge hour 1-2pm on Saturday and Sunday for those wanting to catchup on badges or accelerate their progress towards competence to pass the care side of the Pony Club Efficiency Tests. 

Please contact us via the website web chat by clicking on the contact tab. 

The sessions for Pony Club week day Badge Nights   are opened up to book online after the current cohort have had the opportunity to keep their place for the next half term of six sessions. Some ad hoc spaces can be booked by contacting us through the website  email. 


The Pony Club Efficiency Test training sessions usually run during term time with the Tests held during the school holidays. The sessions are limited to six children per session and the course emailed  invoice needs to be paid for in advance of the sessions. We are currently running a C Test course on Tuesday evenings which will continue until the Test is taken mid/late summer. 



Children and young adults (age up to 25 years) can join the UK Pony Club and be eligible to gain badges and progress through Pony Club Efficiency Tests. To join go to and click the 'join us' tab, scroll down to Centre Membership, click and scroll to the bottom and follow instructions or 


to join simply copy and paste this link  and use the post code PE10 0RU to find the Bulby Pony Club Centre to join. 

Existing members to renew go to


Members of the Pony Club can look online on for excellent training videos and resources for training.  



When we have a group ready to proceed after build up of skills at the badge nights we will arrange training. Usually progression from one test to another is at eighteen to twenty four month intervals. The Pony Club website gives information on the syllabus and recommended ages for each level.  

Currently we have a group training for their C+ Test on Tuesdays with the exam date due in 2024 and we have a group training on Mondays for their C test with their test due in 2024/25. 



Leasing a pony or horse is a great way to increase skills and awareness and a relationship with a pony or horse. It is a fantastic stress buster spending time caring for your chosen pony or horse.  Increased time in the saddle improves balance and strength and riding in general.


Please contact us via the web email form by clicking the contact button on the home page if you are interested in leasing a pony on working livery at the yard.   


For activities not bookable by the online booking system e.g. Pony Club Badge Nights, hacks, and Pony Parties, staff can make manual bookings. Please contact us preferably via the website email  messaging system or by the Bulby facebook message route or via Manual bookings need to be paid for in advance and in response to an invoice either by card online or by BACS and the details for this are on the website booking page on the yellow pop up notice. 


We request that new clients download and complete a registration document. Registration forms should be renewed every six months. To download please click on the regisration form linkd image of Marco and Spice seen below and on other pages of this website. Otherwise please register an email address on the website or with staff at the yard so that a Rider Registration form can be sent for completion before the first lesson. Our preference is for the form to be returned as a word or pdf document via the website email.  As a last resort if the client is unable to email the completed form as an attachment a completed paper version can be brought to the first lesson to minimise time in the yard office to reduce risk to staff and clients. Click the Registration form image of Spice and Marco below to access the registration form. 


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