Pony Club

Led by Jade, who has her Pony Club AH test, we offer knowledgeable and excellent theory and practical training. 

Children meet on Thursday evenings from 5-7pm to learn about pony care and gain achievement badges, such as grooming, poisonous plants, paddock management, lorinery, saddlery, and much more. 

The badges lead to confident progress toward the Pony Club Efficiency tests, from level E ,through to the internationally renowned A test, which opens doors all over the equestrian world. Children who have gained their C and C+ test are prized by Camp America recruiters and we have had trainees who have realised their dreams of coaching in the USA at Camp America as young professionals. 

Local Belvoir, Burghley and Cottesmore Pony Club children have joined Bulby Pony Club Centre members for training and tests. So far the pass rate has been 100%.  

The Pony Club efficiency tests count towards Duke of Edinburgh bronze, silver and gold awards. 

To become a Pony Club Centre member at Bulby visit the Pony Club website and download the 'Becoming a Member' form, you'll need to complete the form and bring it to the yard for us to countersign before you send it off.

Pony Club


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