Please see the calendar for up-coming events and activities, and see below the calendar for ongoing weekly activities. 

We look forward to seeing you for some horsey fun on the yard.

BHS Training & BHS Exam Sign Offs

Monday Mornings & Thursdays From 3:00 PM


Led by BHS Stage 5 Coach, top FEI dressage judge and 2018 Pony Club Coach of the year and Jade Cobb Pony Club AH and BHS Stage 3 qualified Instructor the training for BHS stages is strong with staff and clients achieving regular successes. A BHS Accredited Coach as a full I (Instructor) she will help create a professional training plan and coach participants through the levels, with stable management, theory and riding. Call Jade (BHS Stage 3) on 07483 139232 or 01778 591186.

£45 per lesson private on your own horse or £60 if a yard horse is hired.

Ride Safe Training also available.

Tots Tuesdays

Tuesdays 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM



Fun for mums and tots with Jade BHS Stage 3 (in complete horsemanship).

A chance for mums to get together with their tots, groom ponies, tack, them up, let the children have some time on and the mums to get together and enjoy the children enjoying ponies, have some coffee and meet and make friends.

£15 per session (or £10 per session, if full term paid in advance.

Pony Club Badge Evenings (combined ages, grassroots & juniors)

Thursdays 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Grassroots: is an introduction to stable management and pony care, both on the yard and in our classroom. Training starts with mini badges in grooming, pony handling and care of equipment.

Juniors: is for Pony Club Members who have achieved their mini badges, or are old enough to learn more about pony care. This hands-on-training is great for those (age 10 +) who want to become Saddle Club Shadows to our Saddle Club Seniors (age 14 +), who help and train on the yard on Saturdays and Sundays.

£5 per session, please book in at the office.

The Leasing Scheme

Leasing a pony on a working livery allows children to enjoy all the perks of having their very own pony, without the risk of first time buying. Also helps parents on the learning curve as they and their children enjoy the support needed to look after a pony.

Includes a weekly lesson.

Sunday Lessons & Activities

Natasha teaches in the morning and Jade in the afternoon and the timing will suit those with Saturday school and those with Saturday sporting commitments.

Saddle Club also runs for Shadows (age 10+) and Seniors (Age 14+).

This is an opportunity for hands on experience providing training in horse care and stable management. Numbers for Saddle Club are currently restricted to four more senior or experienced members of saddle club. 

Pony Club Riding & Road Safety (and Pony Club D and D+ Tests)

These tests will be running throughout the year in preparation for the C test, please check the calendar for dates.

Pony Club


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