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30 Min Private Lesson -        £35weekend £33weekday inc VAT


45 Min Private Lesson -        £46.5weekend £44weekday inc VAT   

30 Min Semiprivate Lesson - £22  per rider inc VAT

45 Min Semiprivate Lesson - £33 per rider inc VAT 

1 Hr Semiprivate -                   £34 per rider inc VAT

for 3+ riders


Please note our upper weight limit for riders is 13.5 stone on a forward cob and 12.5 stone for novices. We match horses and ponies to riders taking into account their declared fully clothed ready-to-ride weight and their ability. We weigh all riders on arrival and we regret that if you exceed the weight limit for the horse allocated your lesson then the lesson  cannot go ahead and the lesson fee cannot be refunded.

Please note that during the week semi private lessons are for riders who are capable in walk and trot off the lead rein.


Group lead rein semi privates  at the w/e between 9am and 5pm are possible when we have Saddle Club leaders age 13+ years otherwise parents are expected to help by leading ponies for their child(ren). Please do not book in for a group lead rein lesson if you do not feel you have the knowledge and skill to be able to lead. You can book a private thirty or forty five minute care and ride session for your child  and learn that skill with the help of the instructor.  


On weekdays parents or carers experienced with horses need to help to lead the ponies or horses. If you do not feel comfortable leading a pony please do not book into group or semiprivate lessons. Staff covering the yard cannot be recruited for this task. During the holidays we do have some days when helpers are present and are able to lead but only if they are 13+ years old so  please check with us first. 

For children under four years parents/adult guardians  must walk beside the child, ready to pluck them off,  in case the pony spooks.There also needs to be a person leading the pony in line wth  guidelines written above.


15 minute lesson - £20.50 inc VAT

Age 2-4 years, a fifteen minute lesson, plese book hat hire if needed.

(can be for older children 6/7/8 and is good as a 'taster' but they usually have the stamina for a thirty minute lesson) 

15 Minute Sit on and Ride  - £21 inc VAT

Aimed at 4 years of age and under. Price includes hat hire. Assisting parents to wear sensible shoes please. This is a fifteen minute get to know the pony, say hello, pat, groom and tack up  and sit on and ride, it is not a lesson, it is the country equivalent of a beach ride. It takes place in front of the stables or strolling up the track. Parents of children under 4 need to walk next to the pony ready to pluck the child off in case the pony spooks.

30 Minute Lead Rein Ride out - £35.50 inc VAT  

inc hat hire

30th tab down on the booking system, only on some Wednesdays and Saturdays or by special arrangement. Contact us by email through contact page.   

Hat Hire - £2.50 per person per session - book online if required

New clients please complete a registration form

Hat Hire - £2.50 per person per session

- book online if required

New clients please complete a registration form

Hacking Out


Pre Hack Assessment (for off lead rein hack) -  £17inc VAT

This is for established riders, who are new to the yard and occurs immediately before a booked hack.

Hacks of length an hour + are for riders with an established balanced seat in walk trot and canter. 


Ford Splash & Back walk outs (45 mins to ford) - £40 inc VAT

Accompanied on foot lead rein

Private Splash and Back (45 mins to ford) -        £46 inc VAT

For established riders, accompanied ridden

Group discount -  £30 per person

Badgers Wood Farm (hack walk outs 45 mins) -  £40 inc VAT

Summer only accompanied on foot

Badgers Wood Farm Hack (45 mins) -             £46 inc VAT

Summer only for established riders, accompanied ridden. 

Group discount -  £41 per person

Callan's Wood hack (1 hr) -                              £60 inc VAT

Summer only for established riders, accompanied ridden.

Group discount -  £47 per person

Hawthorpe Loop hack (1.5 hrs) -                   £85 inc VAT

For established riders, accompanied ridden.

Group discount -  £76 per person

Irnham Loop Hack (2 hrs) -                            £110 inc VAT

For established riders, accompanied ridden.

Group discount  - £99 per person

PLEASE NOTE: for riders who want to stop by for drinks at the Griffin (local pub) let us know so that we can book ahead.  

Hat Hire - £2.50 per person per session

- book online if required

New clients please complete a registration form

PLEASE NOTE: Hacks are no longer bookable on line. They can be arranged by emailing us through the website and sending us your phone number so that we can call you back to make arrangements. 

Children's Activities


Lead rein 30 min ride potter

Please book online

*Special* care & ride sessions to include tacking up and grooming also available (45 mins)

For home educated children please ask about tailored learning, e.g. one on one Pony Club options private care 45 min


includes hat hire


includes hat hire 




hat hire £2.50 

Saddle Club (age 10+) 

Saturday or Sunday

Half Day

8:30am - 1pm or 1pm - 5:30pm

Full Day - 8:30am - 5:30pm (seniors only - NB bring a pack up lunch)


Four all day spaces, two each morning and afternoon. Book online

Child Care

Extended hours: early drop / late pick up


Chrysalis Club

Saturdays 1-3pm

A club for 8-9 year olds and older 'newbies' who have not done Pony Club Badge nights. Aim to allow children to gain practical skills before starting Saddle Club. No riding in these sessions.

Pony Club Badge Nights

Mon-Thu 5.30-7pm

Thu 4-5.30pm 

Sat 10-11.30am

Learning about caring for ponies. Like brownies/cubs and guides/scouts with ponies. Age 6+ yrs.

No riding in these sessions.

Pony Club membership includes young people up to age 25 years. 

See to join as a Centre Member. 

£7 (half day)

£10 (full day)





£5 (per hour)

Extended hours




£66 per term 

(six sessions)


£16.50 per session

Hat Hire - £2.50 per person per session

-book online if required

For parties, BHS, full pony days and Polocrosse - please check the events calendar or contact us for more information.

New clients please complete a registration form

CANCELLATION FEES: we charge a £3 admin fee for all booking cancellations. However, it is free to move your lesson as long as you move your lesson within the time frame of our cancellation policy.




CANCELLATION POLICY: unless 72 hours notice of cancellation is given the full lesson fee is payable.  This mirrors general business practice and allows us to manage and plan staff time.

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