We are a friendly Pony Club Centre, BHS and ABRS approved riding school and near Bourne in South Lincolnshire offering riding to any age, (even those under four 4 with special provisions) across a wide range of abilities.  Come and meet us and get to know the ponies and horses and ride with us. If you love ground work spend time with us grooming and caring for horses and ponies.  Gift vouchers are available if you would like to buy your loved one a riding voucher as a pre

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Tel:01778 591186 or Mob: 07483 139232 for acting Yard Manager Tara and Assistant Yard Manager Jade.

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The yard is owned by James and Susan Bevan.

The yard is registered as a riding school with South Kesteven District Council Licence Ref. No. 531 and inspected by their veterinary surgeon which means that the yard meets welfare and safety standards expected of a registered riding school and is properly insured. Well met British Horse Society (BHS), Pony Club (PC) inspections means that the yard's standards are high.  Staff are DBS checked and are generally well known to the yard and are local (some even having grown up and trained at the yard).

We offer occasional spring/summer/autumn competiton visiting livery. In Spring 2016 eventer Astier Nicholas 2016 Olympic Individual Silver and Team Gold medallist stayed with us for for Belton Horse Trials along with European Junior Team member Felicity Collins, winner of the 2017 Young Rider Eventing Championships at Houghton and GBR YR team member at the European Championships and she regularly returns to the yard along with fellow European Junior team member and youngest Big Burghley 2017 rider Libby Seed. BEDE events close by also include Oasby (30 minutes away) and Lincoln (1 hr away). Norton Disney is 45 mintues from the yard and the Burghley Horse Trials sponsored ride is 22 minutes away. Grimsthorpe Autumn sponsored ride is also worth visiting for. The Griffin Inn at Irnham is a great place to stay for B&B...Astier woz there (etait la??) ! Tres bon.

Recent lovely testimonials:

i would just like to say a huge thankyou to all staff at bulby riding school for lauren ewles amazing birthday party great fun was had by all the children and adults really enjoyed themselves and a special thankyou to elaine for the amazing birthday cake it was very scrumptious i hope alice and nat enjoyed there cake aswell. Please could you post this on your website  (Jan 2012)

Holly had a wonderful lesson on Tuesday. May i compliment you and your staff for being so friendly and informative. Holly is booked in for pony club tonight, the stable day on Monday and the mini show on Wednesday..... In fact i think she would move in if she could!!!!! :) many thanks again



2018 has seen Sophie and Grace gain their BHS Stage 1 exemptions and now move onto studying for BHS Stage 2.

Jade succeeded in her Pony Clug B test and will take her AH in 2019. Helen passed her full BHS Stage 3 care (having already bagged her BHS PTT with distinciton. ). Di got her Pony Club A test having already achieved BHS Stage 4 in 2017.

BHS training weekly Thursdays 5pm to 7pm and 6pm to 8pm. (Theory for both groups and those only doing theory from 6-8pm)

Successful training for C and C+ tests occured at Bulby, with 2018 seeing the C and C+ test taking place at Bulby for the first time. With a 100% pass rate for trainees that was a great feather in Jade's cap for preparing the candidates so well. Thanks to Linda Pearce (top Pony Club Coach 2018) for being our visiting examiner. Linda is available for private lessons at Bulby.

Historically the D test was the highest level examined for at Bulby. D and D test training will happen this Xmas holidays for Centre members and is open to Belvoir and Burghley and Cottesmore Pony Club members too.

D test success. Bulby riders performed well at the D test at Bulby.  BHSI Linda Pearce congratulated the Pony Club Centre members on their smart turn out and performance in their test. Everyone passed and some are already at a standard to take their D+ heads down for the next one.  Keep reading the Pony Club Manual and Tish Adam's test books.  Preparation at badge nights and for the older children at saddle club is clearly going well.  Well done everyone.


Bulby Camp Fire Fun, collecting the wood then toasting the Marshmallows

Camp Womsey ride, is that you you spell it???

Scary time: Barbury International, Spice makes reserve for GB Pony Trials team for European Championships

Party time

Wonderful hacks around the farm........

Halloween trick or treating in Bulby, what was on the menu?.....bat, spider, pumpkin and blood shot eye cakes, ghost goo, whiffy witches warts, crunchy bat poo, bloody fingers and monster wrinkly nails...oh yum....and eeek look at those witches and cats...

Warm room concentation

Resourceful saddle club member E also discovers we have plates for her pizza. M shares her chocolate birthday cake....and continues to live in her riding hat.

Bulby Show Day

Blood Hounds

Cranwell blood hounds came during half term....wet wet wet, wow wow wow 'can they come back next week?' They have promised to visit again, probably for camp...puppy walking...big puppies!!!

Thank you Philip and Wendy for a fabulous day with Cranwell Blood Hounds - not only were the size of the puppies a surprise, so was the amazing delicious tea and cakes served from out of the back of the van.

For more pictures see the what's on page for what was!

Staff News

Helen is now yard manager with Yas learning the Saturday ropes running the yard, Melissa teaching supported by Rosie on Sundays. Ryan, Charlie, Dave and Superstar Dressage International Bert spice up the week at Bulby. Linda carries on staff training and Kate from Keits offers opportunities for apprentices at Bulby.

Izzy still pops in to do artisitic clipping Thanks Iz for a fabulous ten years of livery work, nannying, grooming and plaiting and riding school  fun with ponies, riding, fancy dress, childrens parties, camping, campfires with toasted marshmallows, pyjama rides and water fights.  We are hoping you will return as visiting teacher especially for the little ones and for the crazy campers. (Cowboy casserole will not be allowed to fade into the will be lassooed along with Iz we hope). The senior team is now strengthened by Linda Pearce who supports staff training, instructs and oversees maintainenance and delivery of the excellent level of instruction the yard enjoys.

Nat and Pops out on a jolly                                    

Grassroots and Senior Pony Club Badge night is on Thursdays.

Saddle Club on Saturdays and Sundays is for age 10+  and a maximum of twelve regular riders may book to stay for saddle club each day.

Classroom has been completed and is a useful dry warm space. It provides a bigger space for Mini Badge nights and BHS training.





Louis our fast grey games pony went to the Pony Club Championsips twice this year, once for the Polocrosse and once for the Games


Stef has stepped down as yard manager freeing her to ride her own horses more whilst she ponders her next career move.  She grew up at the yard and has been a big part of the riding school. Thanks for your friendship and fun and for the sensible serious side which made sure the yard ran well.


Au revoir to Alice and Emily, our Saddle Club Leaders.  Alice goes on to Sheffield Hallam to do child studies, Emily goes to Moreton Morrell to continue equestrian studies.  Well done in your exams girls, thank you for the fun you have brought to Bulby.... Abysinia or Wibysinia....soon we hope. Hi five.

and huge thank you to AVIS

Avis is having a break, she has been fabulously supportive as the yard has grown with increasing Pony Club Centre numbers now up in the high forties.  We are so thankful for her help.  We are delighted that Hilary Westropp BHSI steps in as our chief instructor supporting and instructing. Stef continues as assistant yard manager and minis' badge night leader and assumes working pupil status to work towards her BHS PTT and stage III examination.  Popular Jo Holmes Coles BHSII continues to teach mostly on Sundays supporting and training the week-end BHS stage I trainees.  New arrival at the yard Harry is Johnny's apprentice...adding muscle and neo handyman skills and Cathy Lammie BHSII will take on Tuesday night adult riding lessons to complete the line up.

DEFRA visit Bulby and with the BEF in comes the sunshine............

After a visit to Burghley Horse Trials and Oakham Veterinary Hospital Bulby Riding School was next on the list for DEFRA ministers and entourage, and with magnificent politeness, like the vicar of Dibley, the BEF organised tourers still managed to enjoy their ( third???) lunch, this time, on the last leg of their trip to the wolds, basking in the Bulby yard suntrap. The BEF liked us and called us a gem of a Pony Club Centre.....thanks....must have been the real coffee that did the trick!

Hey Alice...well done passing your riding and road safety

Now we have a cabin and a flushing loo!!! The snow was free. Its warm

inside!!! Hurray.

Mother and daughter, Soldier gives four year old Lily a few tips on how to get really really dirty.

We currently have a weight restriction, the maximum weight our current horses can carry is 14 stone. Please do not be offended if we ask to weigh you. We just want to care for our horses backs.

Lessons are now available on Sunday mornings which will suit the Witham Hall School children and others who have Saturday school.


Success for Bulby at the Pony Club Championships in Polocrosse and the Centre's competition.

In the Centre competition Bulby came 14th out of 23 teams with Ella getting in the ribbons with tenth place in her junior section.  Well done Alice, Natasha and Ella and your mounts Mary and Dino.

Three ponies from Bulby went to the Pony Club Championships for Polocrosse, Dino, Louis and Shadow.

Natasha rode Shadow and teamed up with Moorfields rider Samantha and Croome rider Annabel to come fourth in the Mini's Polocrosse. Burghley Pony club came fifth with Diana riding Dino from Bulby, Charlie riding Bulby's Louis and Jake on his own Roan Rocket aka Pete.

Clockwise from left, Shadow Dino and Louis enjoying the Pony Club Championships in Polorosse. 

Training and Chukkas for Bulby, Moorfields, Burghley, Belvoir, Cottesmore and Southwold Hunt (north) is planned for the half term holiday. Keep an eye out on the Polocrosse page or the What's on page for dates when they have been decided.

Natasha joined Moorfields Riding School's Samantha and Croome PC's Annabel to come fourth in their first Polocrosse competition. Next year we hope Bulby will field their own complete mini's team so will be looking for matches and lots of practice chukka's.

Burghley PC came fifth with an

8-0 win in the play off, playing their best game in their final match of the competition.  They went into the competition hoping to score more than the single goal they got at last year's championships!

For more Polocrosse pictures see the Polocrosse page.



Congratulations on your success in your NVQ. Onward and upward!

Safety information for parents       Please remember

Request to parents..any nice photo's you have please email us and we may put them on the web or print them for the notice boards.

Story board from Rachel

Anyone guess what Molly was doing that prompted this face? Prize for the right answer.

Email us on our contact page and we will pull the right guess out of a hat if there is a tie.

Izzy, you can't tell anyone! No bribery, it doesn't matter how many stables you muck out, Iz won't tell!

The answer: she was eating twiglets Mmmmm you either love it or hate it. 

Abi got the closest and won the prize..Thelwell socks.  Well done.

Bulby is a lovely place to ride, come and enjoy being out in the fresh air, improve and enjoy your fitness and have fun with horses and friends. Just ask for Izzy, our yard manager or Stef our assistant yard manager.

Check out the 'What's on Page' for training and Holiday Activities

Welcome to Bulby Equestrian Centre   01778 591186

Thanks Diana, we had a great dog training day, and loved the dogs you brought over.  Diana Broughton did a working dog training day and everyone gained their Pony Club achievement badge.

Polocrosse fun for Wizz and Ella, see the Pony Club Centre page for more

nat catching



Well done Alice and Emily on passing your BHS Riding and Road Safety held at Brooksby College.  Hacks, here you come Alice, big time! Thanks Paul, for the training, and well done studying girls.  Oh yes...and home grown Emily passed R&RS a while ago so they are all heading towards BHS stage II, amongst college studies and A levels.  Heads down, heads up girls.

BHS examinations

Congratulations to Alice and Emily on passing their BHS stage I examination with flying colours at Brooksby College .  They will both now be heading towards their BHS Riding and Road Safety test before settling down to work on their BHS stage II exam. Well done the two study buddies.  Two out of two ain't bad!  Well done Izzy and Avis on the coaching. 

Congratulations to Stef, who passed her BHS stage II examination recently.  Good luck to all those with exam's hurtling towards them.  Keep riding, keep studying we are all rooting for you!

Pony Club Rider Road Safety Test

Congratulations to Freya, Sophie, Issy, Lizzie and Diana who all passed their Rider Road Safety Pony Club Test.  We had a 100% pass rate.  Many thanks to Paul for  training everyone up to the right standard.  Now you can all go on to do your C test!  And the Oundle girlies did brilliantly on their Duke of Edinburgh riding run through before the real thing. Well done everyone.

We are pleased about your RRS and it is obvious you were pleased!.....


ABRS Approval

At our ABRS (Association of British Riding Schools) inspection recently we were told immediately that we had gained approval by our local inspector Paula who came to inspect our premises.  She and assistant Karen were extremely friendly and helpful.  We hope that we can organise some friendly competition with Paula's neighbouring Pony Club Centre members.  Well done Izzy and team for all the hard work and preparation.  All the ponies earned their 'good doers' the summer is coming activities will increase and girths reduce!

Riding and Road Safety

Emily passes

Congratulations to Emily on passing her BHS Riding and Road Safety test at Brooksby in March, now working towards her BHS stage II examination, the path is hard Emily and good luck.

Izzy and Stef pass.

At the first Riding and Road Safety examination conducted at Bulby we were delighted that on 30th November 2008 three candidates passed their exam, two from Bulby and one from one of the local training colleges. 

The yard hosted the examination in resonse to those needing to have that qualification before proceeding to their BHS stage II exam.  Congratulations to Izzy and Stef from Bulby who succeeded in a very stiff examination. 

Riding and Road Safety is such an important area which can make a huge difference to riders who hack out on roads and standards have to be high.  Candidates from a varied range of backgrounds took the test at Bulby (three different colleges and the members of the Bulby Riding School Saddle Club).  Many thanks to Izzy who put such a huge effort into organising the day ably assisted by Bulby team members and friends who pulled out all the stops to make the day go smoothly.  The simulated road circuit in the arena were superb.

Riders were able to hire horses from the yard to take the test.  The yard plan for the future is to offer 'on horse' training to riding school and local college students on the simulated course to complement personal theory preparation and training to ensure the best possible chance of succeeding and to improve riding and road safety amongst Bulby Pony Club Centre members and BHS examination candidates.  Check out the 'What's on' page for future dates and training.  Saddle Club members and local college members are welcome to take part.

Pony Club D and D+ Tests

Eleven children at Bulby Pony Club Centre took The Pony Club D with six also taking their D+ test in horse riding and stable management on 28.10 2008 and everyone passed with flying colours.  Examiner Jane Reid external examiner from Burghley Pony Club conducted the examinations at Bulby Equestrian Centre and was impressed by the standard.  ‘the children are well above the required standard and are well on their way to the next level of test in the riding, and their stable management was absolutely superb, the best group I have ever examined'. Yard manager Isobel Partridge, Proprietor Sue Bevan and instructors are very proud of their achievements.  The children who achieved a 100% pass rate in the first examinations ever conducted at Bulby were:-

D Test

Name                           Age                  From

Hattie Blamire               13                     Burton Coggles

Maddie Gammons          8                      Bourne

Rosie Fell                      11                     Thurlby

Rachel Cork                  10                     Spalding

Alexander Bevan            9                     Bulby

D+ Test

Name                            Age                  From

Natasha Hamblin           11                     Corby Glen

Lana Hart                      12                     Morton

Abigail Rodgerson          11                    Stainfield

Ella Gresty                      12                     Ryhall Heath

Sarah Wooldridge          14                    Thurlby

Diana Bevan                  11                    Bulby

D and D+ Pony Club Test success


Success for Buster at Burghley Pony Club minicamp.

Buster and Alexander had a great time at Burghley Pony Club's summer minicamp.  On a week's holiday from the riding school the pair joined in Tigger's group coming fifth in tack and turnout and winning the combined dressage, handy pony and jumping competition.  It was the first time Alexander had cantered in a field on his own and jumped a course of jumps.  Buster behaved impeccably in the dressage.  'I think we only won because I am so light that in the handy pony helper's could just throw me back onto the saddle' beamed Alexander as he gave his helper Brogan, who was part of the Burghley team who won their area pony care competition and qualified for the Pony Club Championship, a big hug to say thank you.



Mary and Shadow and riders Emily, Alice, Lana and Natasha excelled at the Pony Club Championships.  We came 11th out of 19 teams in the competition and a magnificent 5th in tack and turnout.  The standard was high with eight more teams in the competition than in last years inaugural event.

In their first big show outing with Bulby Equestrian Centre Shadow and Mary performed beautifully.  Alice and Emily scored very highly in the senior dressage.  Our scariest moment was when Natasha lay motionless on the floor after a turn without stirrups in the jumping, then the announcement came...  'Oh she's not getting up because Shadow is standing on her coat' .  Relief washed over us! Attentive Shadow waited for her to get back on and Natasha cheerfully and bravely finished the round with stirrups!

Well done girls, you all looked fabulous and rode well and we are keen to see you back on the podium next year!

Stef gives Mary a pedicure, hairnet and extensions in place! (Thank you Lily and Iz). Plaiting princess Emily prepares Shadow who's turnout received the comment 'excellent'
Tack and turnout. Does Mary copy Emily?
The team walks the course with Avis Alice and Mary score 82%!
Shadow loves the attention! Grooms united
Shadow and Natasha Shadow and Lana
Gathering round the brave Natasha Stand on her coat? Who me? I was trying to dry my feet and check she was ok.
Suspense in the team Just missed the rosettes by one place!  Next year.......


Our team of two junior and two senior riders prepared for the Pony Club Championships Centres competition on Thursday 21st August 2008 by going to local Threekingham Show. 

Mary and Shadow, two of our 'newer' equines who are regularly ridden in the riding school were our front runners to go and went out to the Threekingham Show along with Emma at the week-end.  Both instructors turned out to help two of the team members preparing for the show.  Shadow with Tash did three clear rounds and entered the two foot class.  Mary 'warmed up' by instructor Karen took Emily round double clear in the 2'6" - 2'9" class and placed 5th. Congratulations to all for the preparation and turnout and results. More preparation planned!!

Mary and jockey Emily on their way to a double clear and a rosette in fifth place.
Instructor Karen introducing Mary up to her first ever showjumping competition.
Emma enjoys her first jump at a show with Emily

The yard came back under home management in January this year

BHS approved Riding School Spring 2001

Pony Club Centre from Summer 2006 allows children to meet, have fun and learn to earn interesting badges

Bulby Equestrian Centre is a friendly professionally run yard offering schooled horses and ponies.  All levels of riders are catered for, from beginners and tiny tots at the riding school to the more advanced who want to keep their horses on working livery.  

BHS qualified instructors ranging from trainees and BHS AI up to BHSI have provided excellent instruction at the yard over the years and we are keen to continue the BHS tradition and standards.
Please contact Iz at the yard on 01778 591186. She may be mucking out or schooling when you ring but she will get back to you as soon as possible!


The services which we have offered and continue to offer are:-

Group lessons

Private Lessons


Own a Pony Days

British Horse Society Examination Training

Adult Training Clinics

Stable Management Courses

Specialist Dressage and Jumping Training

Working Livery

Lesson Vouchers

Everyone welcome!

MORE RIDING INSTRUCTORS NEEDED.  We need to find more freelance part time BHS qualified instructing staff for lessons at Bulby to support Avis and Izzy.  Iz, Stef and Emily take out hacks with their Riding and Road Safety 'ticket' under their belts.  Avis and Iz continue to school the ponies and horses, riding and lungeing them during the week.  We still need more week-end child (and adult) friendly teaching staff to add to the teaching available.  Please get in touch if you are interested. We are still looking for new horses for the yard including a 14.2.schoolmaster.

Iz and not so newly arrived Shadow Avis and Crispin

Avis Senior (BHSAI) who has been at the yard since 2007 continues to teach and develop the yard teamed up with Izzy.  Avis is taking week-end lessons and teaches the riding element for BHS stage training on Saturday afternoons, Iz follows up with theory sessions for a total 2.5 hour block. 

Fancy dressing up? Jumping in the rain.

Pony Club Centre activities and badge evenings take place on the first Wednesday of the month in the evening between 5 and 6.30/7pm. Have a look at the Pony Club Centre webpage on the tabs top left and click on the links to find out more.  We need to know what the members want so please email us if you would like to.

Laura manages the yard work and Nat, assistant yard manager augments the teaching and both lead the Pony Club badge nights with the assistanc of Megan and Amelia who are at Equestrian College and on their way there respectively.  

To book lessons please ring Izzy on 01778 591186

Click here for client registration form

Click here of Risk notice form

Please return the forms to Laura Ridlington, Yard Manager, Bulby Equestrian Centre, c/o Bulby Hall, Bulby, Bourne, PE10 0RU, or bring it along for your first lesson.

Wizz, Buster and Molly at the beach

General News

After a two year break when the yard and business were leased out the yard came back in hand in January 2008.  We began the year with four ponies, Buster, Hewy, Crispin and Emma.  We needed to add two school masters to their numbers.  Mary an Irish Draught horse has joined the line up as have Co-co, Freckles and Shadow.  Penny came home and has now returned to stud to hunt and then be put in foal.   Molly and Wizz are home.  Freckles and Co-co and Shadow have just arrived and we are still looking for a school master 14.2hh pony. Woody, an ex racehorse has come to the yard on loan to Izzy at the yard so we will see if he settles and joins in as a working livery.

Iz returned to the yard at the end of December to prepare for the new year. Our BHS approval and Pony Club Centre inspections went well and we have had the thumbs up for another year.  The yard first became a BHS approved riding school in Spring 2001.

Riders at Bulby have enjoyed huge success in 2007 and it is hoped that the yard will continue to improve and develop. Senior riders at livery have attended local competitions and junior riders have enjoyed success with the Pony Club Centre, most notably the training and badge nights and the great turnout and success of the team at the inaugural Pony Club Centre Championships held in Nottingham. The riders are grateful for the support and help they have received in the past year and it is hoped that success will be built on. Huge thanks go to the efforts of the management that made it possible in 2007, and thanks go to the parents who keenly support the activities and enjoy the opportunity given to the children.

The yard is in such a fabulous location to help riders enjoy taking or re-taking up the reins, and for those who have made progress to enjoy the Pony Club Centre Activities, or migrate to local pony club activities which take place in the area, or to take advantage of the competition opportunities at Sheepgate, Laughton Manor and Arena UK, which are all in such close driving distance. Watch this space for news of plans.

We all want the clients to be looked after well and think that we have found the right person to take the riding school forward and develop other areas of horsemanship.

Sue Bevan
Bulby Hall
PE10 0RU

Tel:01778 591382 or Mob:07791976044

WATCH THIS SPACE and in the meantime something to repeat in 2009????.........

***Pony Club Championships August 2007****

Alice, Stef, Diana and Lana all represented BEC with outstanding results. The teams had only had the chance to ride their mounts a handful of times before competing at a major Championships. See results page for their fantastic results.

The team in second place for the best turned out competition pictured on the podium in the burgundy pony club centre tops (from left to right) Diana, Lana, Stef and Alice.  Congratulations on such good turnout and three cheers for those who taught them.   The team came 7th overall out of 12 teams who took part.  Well done everyone.

Welcome to Bulby Equestrian Centre

The yard came to life in 1999 as a compeition livery yard with Jane Riley, a local event rider who took Mosey to Blair for a two star three day event.  They were coached by BHSI Linda Pearce.  The yard continued as a BHS approved livery yard and then on the instigation of Sue Russell BHSAI became a riding school which gained approval from the BHS very quickly. It developed further with the help of Sally Harper BHSAI and Jo Holmes BHSII and helped hugely by Debbie Keefe BHSAI. The characters at the yard have been varied all contributed to its development.   The yard supported and ran the Bulby Horse Show in 2002 and 2003 raising funds for local charities and currently the yard supports St. John Ambulance by organising and joining in with the Grimsthorpe Sponsored Ride which many Bulby riders took part in in 2007 and 2008 on riding school horses. 

Our thanks to all those who have contributed to the development of the yard as a facility which local children and adults can enjoy.


Buster in 2007 at the Buckminster Show

Jane Riley opened up the stables as a competition yard in 1997 after a dormant period. She is seen here competing with The Soldier's Fancy

Telephone:01778 591186 Mob: 07483 139232

Bulby Equestrian Centre, Bulby, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 0RU

Proprietor: Dr. Sue Bevan


Bulby Hall Livery Stables, Bulby, Nr Bourne, South Lincolnshire, PE10 0RU.